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Berkshire Bathery Goes West: GIDDY UP!

VEGAS SUNSET | 16oz Wooden Wick HEMP Wax Candle

  • $59.00

"Soon we'll be under the electric sky"

What Makes it Special:

  • Custom Blended Fragrance With Over 18 Different Scent Notes
  • Coconut Soy Blend Wax
  • American Grown Wood Wicks
  • Paraben Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • Formaldehyde Free

  • Fragrance: VEGAS SUNSET
    Fragrance Family: Woody + Floral + Oriental

    Top Notes: magnolia, sandalwood, violet, cedarwood, musk, desert amber

    Middle Notes: teakwood, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, patchouli, coconut, bergamot, nectarine
    Base Notes: pineapple nectar, peony petals, tonka bean, vanilla sugar, night blooming jasmine

    Fragrance Description: Vegas dreams, lust and cocktails, the high roller suite, risk over reward, pulsing bass, private balconies overlooking the desert oasis, two strangers meeting and falling in love...if only for one night;  animalic, sexy, and sweet, rich spicy woods drenched in sophisticated florals, sprinkled with sugar.

    Looks like:  Desert orange glass vessel with wooden lid, turquoise colored HEMP coconut soy wax nestled around a crackling wooden wick, topped with decorative wax desert succulents and flowers, and a neon crescent moon.

    Perfect for: dancing to EDM, watching the sunset turn into sunrise, betting it all on black, giving someone your room key, what happens in Vegas...

    The desert is calling to you: art, culture, community, expression, dancing, connection, once in a life-time experience. Done and dusted. In dust we trust. 

    This classy desert bleached orange glass candle is a must have not just for year-round decor, but for richly sophisticated scent. 

    When you want to escape the monotony and find your twin flame, light this candle and transport yourself to the anonymity and excitement only Vegas affords. Perfect for entertaining, bubble baths, and setting the mood with a sexy warm glow. 

    Use and Care:
    Snip Snip. Trim your wicks to 1/4 inch before lighting.
    This will allow for a clean lighting experience and extend the burn time of your candle.

    Light it up. Candles have memory. So to get the most out of your Berkshire Bathery, let it burn.
    A good rule of thumb is to leave it lit for at least four hours, especially the first time.

    Cool + Rest. Extinguish the flame and let your candle completely cool.
    Snip the wick again and get ready to enjoy your next self-care moment.

    Warning. Burn within sight. Keep away from things that catch fire.
    Keep away from children.
    To prevent fire, place only on heat resistant surfaces.
    Avoid drafts. Avoid cold surfaces such as glass or marble.
    Keep foreign matter and wick trimmings out of candle.

    Volume: 16oz
    60 hours
    Product Size (inches): 5" Tall, 4” Wide
    Package Weight: 2lbs