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Berkshire Bathery Goes West: GIDDY UP!

HELLCAT | Milky Smoked Vanilla - 50ml Perfume Extrait

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hellcat. noun
1. a rebellious woman with a fierce temper. synonyms: harpy, vixen
2. a woman with magic powers derived from evil sources; a witch

Hellcat Maggie (1820-1845) was the pseudonym of one of the earliest American female outlaws, and an early member of the Dead Rabbits gang. She was a well-known fighter, her teeth reportedly filed into points and her fingers adorned with long, claw-like brass fingernails.


This exquisite fine fragrance line boasts the signature Berkshire Bathery blend of highest quality fragrance notes, expertly crafted by hand and macerated in glass decanters for months, resulting in a highly concentrated composition known in the perfume world as extrait

It is here that the nexus of chemistry and artistry fuse into one masterpiece in the form of wearable art, leaving a lasting olfactory impression on everyone you meet.

What Makes It Special
Custom blended fragrance with over eighteen different scent notes
Paraben free
Phthalate free
Formaldehyde free


Fragrance Family
Spicy + Lactonic

Top Notes
vanilla milk, pink pepper, black pepper, tuberose
Middle Notes
tonka bean, white cacao, bourbon barrel, spanish saffron, raw suede
Base Notes
ambrette (musk mallow), cedarwood, olibanum, musk

Fragrance Description
This uniquely faceted vanilla bourbon concoction is layered with pink and black pepper essence, suede and saffron accords, smoked wood resins, and milky sweet white florals, resulting in a bold, yet coquettish signature scent.

Looks Like
Glass pink bottle with gold reflective mirrored cap, matching gold fine mist spray applicator, and matching gold label on front and back with scent notes

Perfect For
Your favorite Hellcat, anyone who loves pink, the dark arts, or the spirit of the Wild West, fans of all things witchy, gifting to a beloved in-law, family member, or spouse.

Volume 50ml
Product Size (inches) 4" x 1.56"

Package Weight 1lb